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Liz Franc Fracture

Doctor Mason, first tells you how to correctly pronounce "Liz Franc" in his French accent. He then go's on further to tell the story on how Napoleon-led attach with the French Army into Russia during winter led to the discovery of Liz Franc Ligament Tears.

Liz Franc worked for Napoleon's army and discovered by working on all the poor, cold soldiers feet that a ligament went inside the bones of the feet and during a fracture could get severed. Because of this discovery from his anatomical discoveries it is named the Liz Franc joint and ligament.

Liz Franc injuries can be utterly devastating. A patient with this painful injury will need to be treated and taken care of for a relatively pretty long time, possibly twelve weeks or more in a boot.

Listen to Doctor Mason's radio segment titled Ask The Surgeon that was recorded on Fox Sports AM1380's Health Matters show hosted by Maury Eskenazi and Shannon O'Kelley.


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