EBJ Proliance Surgeons (A.K.A Everett Bone & Joint)

Dr. Kenneth Lin, MD


Personal Statement

Restoring your quality of life is a collaborative effort. By understanding you, your lifestyle and the problems you are experiencing I can better tailor my treatment recommendations, both surgical and non-surgical, to you as an individual. Equally important, your understanding of the problem and the treatment plan we’ve decided upon allows for the best outcome possible.


Clinical Focus

Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgeries, Shoulder replacement surgeries (Total and Reversed), Tendon transfers, Shoulder fractures, Knee Arthroscopy, General orthopedics.


Undergraduate Degree

Johns Hopkins University

Medical Degree

University Of Illinois College Of Medicine Chicago

Residency Training

Medical College Of Wisconsin


The Carrell Clinic - Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship


  • Providence Everett Medical Center
  • Evergreen Health Medical Center Kirkland
  • Evergreen Health Monroe
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery


Photography, travel, cooking, woodworking.

Patient Education by Dr. Kenneth Lin

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Biologic Resurfacing Of The Arthritic Glenohumeral Joint

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Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

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